8 Instant Motivators for When you’re Feeling Unmotivated

Every now and again my to-do list gets a little daunting and the urge to just lay on the couch and exclaim to my toddlers that I just can’t do life today is all too real.

But those are usually the days that I really have no choice in the matter, and I just need to find it in me to get it done anyways.

We all get unmotivated sometimes, and if we nip it in the butt right away we can get back on our feet without much recovery time. But if we allow those feelings to linger, they can fester into what I call a funk.

Once you enter a funk, it’s a bit more involved to find your way out, usually some near-drastic changes must be made. So to avoid landing in a funk, nip those feelings of unmotivation and sad lazy boredom with these tips.

8 Instant Motivators

1. Pump some tunes

As humans we are super influenced by music. Listening to a good song can make you cry, laugh or even make a complete fool of yourself on the dancefloor. We’ve all been there.

So use music to your advantage when you’re feeling low or unmotivated. What’s a song that makes you want to get up and punch the day in the face? Is there a tune that makes you just come alive and feel the fire? Or even just some song with a sick beat that you just can’t help but bop to.