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8 Instant Motivators for When you’re Feeling Low

Every now and again my to-do list gets a little daunting and the urge to just lay on the couch and exclaim to my toddlers that I just can’t do life today is all too real.

But those are usually the days that I really have no choice in the matter, and I just need to find it in me to get it done anyways.

We all get unmotivated sometimes, and if we nip it in the butt right away we can get back on our feet without much recovery time. But if we allow those feelings to linger, they can fester into what I call a funk.

Once you enter a funk, it’s a bit more involved to find your way out, usually some near-drastic changes must be made. So to avoid landing in a funk, nip those feelings of unmotivation and sad lazy boredom with these tips.

8 Instant Motivators

1. Pump some tunes

As humans we are super influenced by music. Listening to a good song can make you cry, laugh or even make a complete fool of yourself on the dancefloor. We’ve all been there.

So use music to your advantage when you’re feeling low or unmotivated. What’s a song that makes you want to get up and punch the day in the face? Is there a tune that makes you just come alive and feel the fire? Or even just some song with a sick beat that you just can’t help but bop to.

Turn on those beats and get off your butt. Totally rock out and hit that air guitar solo, dance around like nobody’s watching (preferably where nobody is watching) and let yourself feel the music.

2. Start with a small win

When it feels like everything is just too much or too big of a task, try starting with some small wins to get you going.

My personal favorite is to tidy up my space. I work from home so cleaning my home has a double positive effect for me, it clears my mind so I can focus on my to do list without thinking about the pile of dirty dishes or the table needing cleared and the toys spread everywhere.

And it also gives me a super quick and satisfying small win. Small wins kind of get your engine running, they make you feel good and accomplished even though it may be something quick like tidying up.

Now, don’t get too off task, you can’t just fill up your time with small wins and forget about your to-dos. One or two small wins then onto the bigger fish.

3. Employ good pairings

When I’m really not feeling like doing something and really dragging my feet, I find it helpful to pair it with something that I do like.

For example, I need to do my workout. I might make sure I have some cute workout clothes that I love to wear, or a favorite water bottle, this gets me excited to do the work out.

If I have work to do on the computer, I usually like to make myself a tasty drink like a tea or latte to get some motivation to sit down.

Whatever you can think of to pair with your not-so-fun task will help get your butt moving.

4. Use aromatherapy to your advantage

Pull out your essential oils and find some scents that are stimulating like peppermint or lemon.

You can diffuse them, or just simply unscrew the cap and inhale deeply. Blend them with a carrier oil such as coconut oil and roll them on your wrists for a longer lasting effect.

5. Go for a walk [or a drive]

If you’re having a hard time shaking your unmotivated self, try getting out of your space and into some fresh air.

Go for a drive with the windows open and try to clear your mind. Or if you have some mind-roadblock, I find driving helps me work through it and usually come away with some solution.

Walking can have an even better effect because it gets your body moving and inhaling oxygen. Fresh air can do wonders for your mood and bonus points if you can walk in nature.

The ocean, a river, a forest, these all create negative ions which are like medicine for your mind. If you can’t get out, try at least opening a window and enjoying the sounds and feeling the breeze on your skin.

6. Review your goals and take a gander at your vision board

Don’t have a vision board yet? Get on it!

A vision board, inspiration board, dream board –it’s all the same- a visual collage of things that inspire you. It could have photos of your dream job, dream house, dream holiday, or even just photos that make you feel good, like photos of a beach or a beautiful park.

It’s not hard to make but if you’d like some inspiration, check out my vision board for somewhere to start.

Just looking at your vision board could be all you need, but if not, you could also review your goals, or in other words –remember why you’re here.

Why are you at this job you don’t particularly like? Why are you sending these emails, or doing this workout? There’s a reason behind it and it probably has a lot to do with what’s on your vision board.

If you’re goals aren’t written down, I would highly recommend having them on paper so that you can come back and review them whenever you need to.

7. Smile –maybe even laugh

When you’re feeling unmotivated, chances are you’re not in a good head space. You’re feeling all sorts of negative and maybe what you need to help you bust out of it is to force yourself into a better mood.

Yes, it sounds odd but have you tried it?

Start with a smile. Smile like you mean it even though it’s probably the last thing on your mind. Just putting a smile on your face can actually help put you in a better mood.

How about a laugh? I know you’ve got one in there.

On our wedding day, while taking photos with our wedding party, our photographer asked us to laugh, you know, to look care-free in the photos. We were like …pardon? Maybe it’s just me but fake laughing in photos is not one of my strong suits.

But low and behold, a few really forced fake laughs and we were actually laughing for real! It was hysterical!

I know you sitting alone on your couch isn’t the same but just try to contain yourself after a few really forced laughs.

And hey, if it doesn’t work, you could always put on an “Ultimate Fails” YouTube video, that usually works too.

8. Just do it.

I know that’s the last thing you wanted to hear right now but it really is the best kick in the butt for an unmotivated pity party.

Once you start doing whatever it is you need to be doing, it usually gets better and you’re done before you know it. Plus the longer you sit on your phone reading about how to get motivated the more time you’re wasting and the more painful the thought I could be done by now is.

So put on your workout clothes, or sit down at your desk and just do it.


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