How to Shift Your Reality with Your Words

If you were speaking to a friend it’s likely that you would choose your language carefully as not to offend them or do damage to your friendship. You would probably be gentle when delivering bad news, and be enthusiastic with any good news.

So why don’t we show ourselves the same level of love and respect?

Language is actually a lot more important than we give it credit for. Language is the reason we are such a developed species and how we are able to understand and learn on such a large scale.

Consider this; in his book Sapiens, historian Yuval Noah Harari, PhD, discusses a theory that at one time in history there were up to six different types of humans living on the planet. I’m not talking races, I’m talking versions of humans.

Every human on the planet today is a Homo sapien, but in his book, Dr. Harari introduces the Homo neanderthalensis, Homo soloensis, and Homo erectus, among others. He credits the survival of the Homo sapiens solely to their ability to communicate using more complex language compared to the other human varieties.

The Homo sapiens were able to pass down information that would help future generations survive so that each generation wasn’t trying to reinvent the wheel. It’s how we’ve been able to evolve as a species and become the complex and intelligent beings we are today.

Language has always been an important part of our development, and it still is today. In today’s world, language has many uses, including having a major impact on emotional wellbeing.

Words have emotional connections