How stress relates to growth

As a society I think we tend to pick up on the belief that we are in some way broken. That we need help by an outside source to be happy and to well in life.

Well, I’ve got some news:

We don't need to be FIXED We don't need to be SAVED And we are NOT broken.

If we are stressed or struggling this is just a sign that we need to GROW.

Lobsters are the poster-children for dealing with stress. When a lobster begins to feel stress, he knows it's a sign that he has grown out of his current shell and it's time to move on to a bigger one that is more fitting to his current situation.

A lobster doesn't freak out or try to self-medicate when he feels this stress, he just finds a quiet spot on the ocean floor, pulls out of his current shell and begins to grow a new one.

When people feel stress, they immediately go into panic-mode. Most of the time, we don’t realize that feeling stress is just a sign that we have grown out of our current situation and need to re-evaluate.

If we could see that stress is just a sign that we need to grow, maybe we could handle it with the grace of a lobster.

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British Columbia, Canada