How to Get Out of a Rut and Get Re-Inspired

My definition of a mental rut is when the feelings of discontentment and “what is this all for” creep in and make themselves right at home.

You might feel uninspired or down, or maybe you’ve just lost your drive or creativity.

I’ve been there and it’s no fun. The best thing to do is take immediate action and kick those feelings in the butt!

I’ve compiled 8 actionable tips to help you rediscover your drive, and ignite your fire. No time to waste.

8 Ways to Get Re-Inspired

1. Change-Up Your Space

If you’re just feeling a little bored with life, or just at a loss for inspiration, try changing up your environment. Maybe move the couches or your bed, or hang new pictures on your walls. A paint job might even be necessary.

When I moved into the house I currently live in, I hated the wall color. But because of the size of our main level, the task just seemed too daunting and I put it off for two years!

Once it was finally done, I felt so inspired by my space and felt positivity just beaming from my home. Don’t wait like I did, change up your space so