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How to Get Out of a Rut and Get Re-Inspired

My definition of a mental rut is when the feelings of discontentment and “what is this all for” creep in and make themselves right at home.

You might feel uninspired or down, or maybe you’ve just lost your drive or creativity.

I’ve been there and it’s no fun. The best thing to do is take immediate action and kick those feelings in the butt!

I’ve compiled 8 actionable tips to help you rediscover your drive, and ignite your fire. No time to waste.

8 Ways to Get Re-Inspired

1. Change-Up Your Space

If you’re just feeling a little bored with life, or just at a loss for inspiration, try changing up your environment. Maybe move the couches or your bed, or hang new pictures on your walls. A paint job might even be necessary.

When I moved into the house I currently live in, I hated the wall color. But because of the size of our main level, the task just seemed too daunting and I put it off for two years!

Once it was finally done, I felt so inspired by my space and felt positivity just beaming from my home. Don’t wait like I did, change up your space so that it brings you life instead of bringing you down.

2. Revisit your Hobbies

What do you love to do just because it brings you joy? Have you been doing it lately?

If you’re feeling down or uninspired, take some time an go do the things you love. Having hobbies and things in your life that bring you joy are so important to your mental health.

So if you’ve been neglecting those things, go out and do them!

3. Travel Somewhere New

You decide where, it can be five miles up a road you’ve never taken or jumping on a plane and going halfway around the world.

Going somewhere new sparks your curiosity and your imagination, and when those two things get moving again, your creativity and inspiration will come back to you.

I love just getting in my car and driving down roads I’ve never taken. You might be 10 minutes from home, but it can feel like you’re exploring another world.

4. Get together with Positive People

Notice I didn’t say get together with friends. There’s a reason for that. Not all friends are going to be helpful when you’re feeling uninspired and stuck. Some might unintentionally pull you down further.

You need to get together with people that lift you up, that encourage you to pursue your passions and live out your dreams. Get together with people that make you feel like anything is possible.

Maybe it’s your sister, your BFF, or maybe you have to look a little harder to find someone like this. Get out of your comfort zone and find positive people.

5. Recreate Your Routines

Your routines are so important to your wellbeing and mental health. They define your life because they are preformed every single day.

Try switching them up. Get up a little earlier and try meditating in the morning, or going for a jog. Or turn off the tv at night and try connecting with your partner instead.

Changing up the regular might just be enough to get you out of your head.

6. Read and Inspirational Book or Watch a Video

This is something that always works for me. I’ll either pick up a new motivational read, or I’ll check out YouTube for an inspirational video and just like that, I’m ready to take on life again.

If you’ve never read a motivational book or “self-help” as they’re called, you need to. It can be literally life changing.

The book that triggered the change in my life was The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. I don’t care what you’ve got going on in your life, pick up this book.

7. Revisit Your Goals and Visualize

This is another technique that is sure to get me out of any mental rut. Revisiting your goals (or making new ones) is an amazing way to get re-inspired. It’s going to remind you why you’re here, and what you’re doing this all for.

If your goals don’t inspire you enough to get you out of a mental rut, then you need to rewrite them!

And visualization is a huge part of regaining that excitement again. Close your eyes and see your goals being accomplished. You almost get an instant rush of excitement.

Taking time to read your goals or rewrite them if needed is a great way to get back on track, and feel super motivated again.

One thing I like to remind myself if my goals seem really far off is “as long as I’m moving in the direction of my dreams, and I never give up, I will get there.”

I like to think of my goals and ambitions as an actual destination. Then I picture myself off in the distance, walking (or running) directly toward it. It doesn’t matter if I run, walk or crawl, as long as I don’t stop, I will make it. It’s impossible NO TO.

That’s how you should feel about your goals, too. If you believe it’s a sure thing, then it is.

8. Get alone with Your Thoughts to Problem Solve

The last piece of advice I have for you is to set some time aside to be alone with your thoughts and work through whatever it is that’s holding you down.

Most times that I can’t seem to get out of a mental rut, it comes down to making a big decision. And when I leave my thoughts to cloud my head, everything seems so cluttered and foggy.

But when I take time to be alone and either think-through or talk-through (quietly to myself so people don’t think I’m crazy) what’s been bugging me, I can usually get to the bottom of it.

Saying things out loud, either to someone else or to yourself, can trigger thoughts or ideas that you hadn’t had before. I like to take a drive by myself and talk through what I’m feeling stressed about or stuck on, and I almost always come home with a sense of clarity on what I need to do.

Talking it through with someone you trust would also work if you feel like you need another opinion.

The main thing to remember is you are accountable for how your feel. It doesn’t matter what’s happening around you, you decide how you react and how you let it affect you.

If you’re feeling like you’re in a mental rut, or stuck, or unmotivated, try out these tips. And keep track of what works for you so that if you ever feel like this again, you can get back on track right away.


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