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How (and Why) You Should Follow Your Fear

You’ve probably heard a thousand times, follow your passion, (maybe even my me) but today I have a new message, and that is follow your fear.

So when it comes to fear, there are two kinds. The kind that keeps you from sticking a fork in a toaster, and the kind that keeps you stuck in your mediocre life. The first kind is keeping you safe, the second kind is keeping you in the “safe zone”, and nothing cool ever happens in the safe zone.

Disclaimer: I hate that I have to write this, but this post is going to talk about the second kind of fear. Please do not follow the first kind of fear. That could get you killed. ;)

Now, when someone says “follow you passion” that means do what makes you happy or what makes you light up. And I one hundred percent still think you should do that. But, once you’ve done that and you are on the journey to pursuing your passion, then I think you should follow your fear.

Why Follow Your Fear?

The answer is simple: it’s leading you to your big life.

To make this point, consider your biggest and craziest life goal that you can think of. For the sake of this example let’s say it’s creating your own brand of Rosé and selling it worldwide, maybe even owning a vineyard in France where you grow your own grapes.

That goal probably terrifies you. The thought of chasing it and actively pursuing that crazy goal probably makes your heart skip a beat. But what about making Rosé in your basement and selling it at the local farmers market? That probably doesn’t terrify you, right?

In this example which one is the one you should be pursuing? Obviously if you want to feed your soul, you should be going to France! That’s what it means to follow the fear.

If there is something that you dream about, that is proof enough that you should pursue it. If it keeps you up at night, you daydream about it during your 9-5, and it gives you that fluttery feeling in your stomach when you think about it, you need to go after it!

Following your fear is going to lead you to your big life, the life you are meant for. It’s leading you to the ultimate freedom –life on your own terms.

And want to know the best part?

The universe will conspire in your favor when you go after that big crazy dream! You’ll know it’s meant to be when everything comes easily, or you have a huge breakthrough, or you magically meet people that will play a huge part in your success.

When you follow that feeling, you are following your purpose. There’s a reason you feel so strongly about these things –you are meant to do them.

How much bigger of a nudge can you get!? The Universe is sending you a message, and it’s flashing in neon lights: GO FOR IT!!

Take the hint and get to work. You’ve got this.


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