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 Sacred Self-Healing 

  A Multi-Dimensional Rebalancing of Self  

  in an Intimate and Expansive 3 month Group Experience  

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You've always been your own healer, you just needed the know-how

All healing is Self-Healing. Whether that is emotional wounds or physical wounds. Your body and spirit's natural state is healing. We were born for this.

I believe your healing should never feel out of your hands.

This is what Sacred Self-Healing is all about.


It’s about guiding you back to your own sacred power.


It’s about releasing any barriers on both a subconscious, energetic and soul level.


And it’s about teaching you how to work with your power, to harness it, and feel more joyful, more expansive, and more powerful than ever.

Your healing should never feel out of your hands. 

We're putting it back where it belongs.

Experience a Multi-Dimensional Rebalancing of Self

By working with your own energy, you can release blockages and densities in your Bio Energetic Field and gain more energy, clearer thinking, strengthened immune function, better sleep, and even reduce or eliminate pain from your body.

Regular energy work balances your energy and brings more life through you by ensuring your energy system is running smoothly and effectively. We are combining this energetic release with the mental and emotional healing of deep subconscious work through Hypnotherapy.

Your thoughts and emotions have a massive and direct effect on your Bio Energetic Field. This is why I believe it’s crucial to release any emotional wounds that we carry in our subconscious to feel the full effects of the energy work.

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the Three Components of

Sacred Self-Healing

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Energy Work

This is done both as a group and on your own once you create your personalized Daily Energy Practice based on your specific needs


In group sessions we will dive into your subconscious mind where you will deeply heal, reprogram, and grow on a neurological level 

Soul Work

Your Soul Work Handbook will contain exercises for you to take this healing even deeper along with your daily Chakra Balancing Meditation

Take a peek at all the fun we're about to have together

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Part I: Healing Your Emotional Wounds

The first part of the program is a deep healing of our emotional baggage. We carry experiences with us from childhood both energetically and subconsciously and they are stored within us unless we consciously release them. Healing our Inner Child is a necessary first step in healing ourselves and releasing what no longer serves us. We are rebalancing the first three Chakras that relate to your connection with yourself. In our group healing we are diving deep into your subconscious to heal your Inner Child.

Rebalancing Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Solar Plexus Chakra

Deep Subconscious Healing of your Inner Child 

Part II: Cleansing Your Energetic Connections

The second part of the program is a deep healing of our energetic connections with others. The human experience is about connection, how we express ourselves and the way we interact with others. Sometimes these connections can become draining both energetically and emotionally. We are rebalancing the mid Chakras that relate to your connection with others and we are cleansing energetic connections and retrieving soul fragmentation.

Rebalancing Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra

Cleansing of Energetic Connections and Retrieval of Soul Fragmentation

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Part III: Reconnecting with Your Sacred Self

The third part of the program reconnects you with your Sacred Self. Your soul has wisdom far beyond what we can comprehend, and so much growth and understanding can come from reconnecting with that Sacred part of us. We are rebalancing the upper Chakras that relate to your connection with the Infinite Field of Consciousness. In our group healing we are connecting to your Sacred Self and that Infinite Field through a Past Life Regression.

Rebalancing Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra

Gain wisdom from your Sacred Self through a Past Life Regression 

But wait... there's more.

You'll never believe these bonuses

Become Attuned to Reiki Energy

Energy Techniques to Relive Pain

Feel divinely connected in a way that you can feel  by becoming attuned to the Universal Life Force Energy that is Reiki 


NO. 1


NO. 2

Learn how to work with your energy to relieve physical pain in just minutes, and feel completely in tune with your body's energy

Self-Hypnosis Method


NO. 3

Access your subconscious mind to reprogram any belief that creates a barrier between where you are and where you want to be

Bonuses that will change your life 

normally $625

now only



Just imagine...

Traveling to the depths of your subconscious to unravel and complete the lessons learned from lives prior

Healing the deepest parts of you that carry the emotional wounds, and limiting beliefs that are weighing you down

Connecting so deeply to your multi-dimensional self that you can feel and direct your bio energetic field and stimulate physical healing 

yes you heard right,

you're getting... 

Six 90 minute Group Calls where you will experience Energy Work and Hypnotherapy


Techniques to work with your Bio Energetic Field and create your own personalized Daily Energy Practice


A deep dive into your subconscious to heal emotional wounds and soul fragmentation from this life and past lives


Multidimensional healing and rebalancing your 7 Main Chakras from Root to Crown


photo6 (2).jpg

Support from myself and your fellow soul tribe throughout this journey


Usui Reiki Level 1, complete course materials and attunement done face-to-face via Zoom 


making it easy to get what you want









We begin June 6th, 2021

Spots are limited to keep the group size intimate and the experience life-changing

  • What is the time commitment for this program?
    I've created this program to be as low maintenance as possible, while also jamming it with as much value as I could. As far as time committments, we will have two 90 minute group sessions per month. In your Soul Work Handbook, you will have about 30 minutes of reading and journaling each month, and on a daily basis, your personalized daily energy practice which includes a short meditaition will only take about 20 minutes per day. This is something that you can do at what ever time of the day suits you best. Reiki Level 1 will be done on a Sunday, seperate to the other group sessions.
  • What date/time will the group sessions be held?
    The group sessions will be held every second Thursday at 6pm PST, starting June 10th, 2021 and ending August 19th, 2021
  • What if I can't make it to a group session?
    No problem! All of the group sessions will be recorded, so you'll be able to watch them at a later date. If you miss a group Hypnotherapy Session, you can listen to the recording later and still get the same benefit from it, and if you are unable to attend an Energy Session, you will still get the benefits of the energy work whether you are at the session or not.
  • What is a group Hypnotherapy Session like?
    During a group Hypnotherapy session, I will have each member find a comfortale place to lie down, muting themselves so there is no interferance during the session. Then I will guide the group into hypnosis in much the same way that I would in an individual session. I will then guide the group on a journey into their inner self where we will do "the work" that we came to do, whether that be Inner Child Healing, Soul Retreival, or a Past Life Regression. Once we are finished the session, I will guide you up out of hypnosis and you will have a few mintues with the group to share and discuss your experience if you choose.
  • What is a distant Energy Session like?
    During our group Energy Sessions, I will have each member find a comfortable place to lie down, muting themselves so there is no distraction. Then you will be given a relaxing meditation to listen to that will help you relax and become aware of your energy while I begin to work on the energy of each person in the group. Once the session is complete, I will let everyone know that they can come back to the Zoom call and you can share or discuss your experience if you choose.
  • Are Hypnotherapy and Energy Work as effective when done distantly?
    Absolutely! Hypnotherapy is as effective via a Zoom call as it is in person or even over the phone. As long as you can hear my voice, you can be hypnotized and the session can be successful. Distance doesnt change it's effectiveness. This also applies to Energy Work. As long as I have your permission, I can work on your energetic field from anywhere in the world, no matter the distance. Energy work has to do with my intention, and who I intend the energy work to be preformed on. I've had several people tell me that our distant energy sessions have been better/more effective than in-person sessions they've had in the past.
  • Do I already need to have an understanding of energy work, chakras, or anything else?"
    No, you will be given everything you need in the program. The only requirement is a desire to learn and experience all that your energy and subconscious has to offer!
  • Could this program help with physical pain management?
    Yes. This is one of the most incredible things about learning to work with your energy! In this program I will be teaching you how you can work with your energy to releive pain in your body, whether that pain just showed up today, or it's been plauging your body for months or even years. I've witnessed pain dissapear in my clients, as well as experienced it myself! This is a skill that can literally change your life. Reiki is also a great tool to use to work on physical ailments, once you are attuned to Reiki, you will have it for life!
  • What if I want one-on-one support during the program?
    I am here for you! This program is all about SELF healing, but that doesnt mean that we don't sometimes need support on this journey, too! Individual sessions are not included in the program, however, if you feel you would like to unpack something with me privately in a Hypnotherapy or Energy Session, I will be offering each member individual sessions at a discounted rate. If you need support, I am here for you!
  • Is Reiki the only energy modality I will learn in the program?
    Reiki is a phenomenal energy modality, and use of Reiki can help with a myriad of mental, emotional and physical ailments, but it is not the only energy training your will recieve in this program. You will also learn other ways to clear and revitalize your energy system that does not require a Reiki attunement.
  • What is involved in the Reiki attunement?
    Reiki is a sacred energy modality and should not be taken lightly. I take great pride in the opportunity to teach Usui Reiki to individuals so that they can experience this amazing modality for themselves. I believe it is important to understand Reiki fully before becomeing attuned to it, so that you have the awareness of what it is and how it came to be. We will meet on a Sunday and spend a few hours learning Reiki Level 1 including what it is and how to use it, followed by an attunement. After the attunement, you will be able to use Reiki as a self-healing tool for life.
  • How long do I have access to the course materials?
    You will have access to the course materials for the life of the program, and beyond because most of the course material will be downloadable, so you can save it directly to your home computer. You will also gain access to all future updates to the program as it grows and gets even better!

Here's what my clients are saying...


Working with Katie has been a gamechanger. I had hit a wall in my professional and personal life. Before working with Katie, I had worked with a psychologist, life coach, and a mindset coach but found that none of the approaches had worked. Since working with Katie, I’ve seen results – I’m out of my rut, I’m calmer, able to set boundaries, prioritizing self-care, and have reduced my limiting self-beliefs. Katie goes above and beyond to get to her clients and crafts her sessions around you. Your experience with Katie’s coaching/courses will be life changing IF you put the work in.


When I started working with Katie I had no idea what a profound impact it would have on my ability to confidently market myself and my business on social media! This was not one of my intentional goals at the beginning, but over time it became one of my greatest evolutions. Before the program I was terrified to put myself out there on social media. I knew I had a gift to share with people, but could not get past this paralyzing fear. Posting a picture or a video of myself speaking would give me extreme anxiety. After starting to do the internal work it was like a switch flipped! Suddenly I was confidently posting videos and sharing my thoughts freely with no fear! Now I am able to share my passion and service with people and build an impactful online presence for my business!


From someone who hates being 'watched' doing anything, from sports to school presentations, or just in general- booking a course with Katie through ZOOM was very daunting. What did I have to lose... Let me tell ya.. I have lost absolutely nothing and gained a hell of a lot!! In the short time I've known Katie, she has bought light and hope into my life. She is so dang genuine, cares so much for her clients. Always prepared to shuffle bookings if need be. Her willingness to just sit there and listen to me babble on- sometimes totally off topic lol, to strive to help you reach your end goal is second to none! Would recommend her to anyone and everyone!! She has helped me more than anything I've ever done before, and I feel a hell of a lot lighter and focused.


If you are ACTUALLY ready for CHANGE, and you follow what Katie tells you to do, you will change how your mind works and even how your actual life flows. What Katie offers is truly amazing and I have completely shifted my life and mind into the direction I have wanted since before my first daughter was born. She truly thrusted me into transformation. Everything you learn is an ongoing process, so don't expect some sort of magic pill and your life to be changed. But I tell you, if you follow her program with full commitment, your life will truly be better. She helps you get out of your own way so that you can gain what you truly want. I highly recommend Katie to all who are interested in hypnosis or interested in changing your life. There was never a session I wasn't excited for! Best thing I've done for myself in almost 3 years! And to all my men out there that need help, THIS ISN'T JUST FOR WOMEN! CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND CONTACT KATIE!


Change is hard. Working on yourself is hard. It is scary. It is work. But it is also amazing. I chose to be curious. I chose to see how I could improve myself. Was it hard? Yes. Was it worth it? YES! I loved working with Katie. It is incredible how comfortable she makes you feel. It is amazing how she listens to you. And I mean actually listens to what you are saying and genuinely wants to help you help yourself. If you put in the work, if you choose to be honest, and if you choose to be open to how you can change your life for the better, I would highly recommend Katie


Katie is amazing! This was my first time taking a hypnosis course and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Katie. She makes you feel comfortable and important right from the first hello. Putting myself first has never been a priority to me, so taking this course has been a gift to myself. I have had many eye opening “wow” and “a-ha” moments while working on the weekly activities that Katie assigns. And the daily hypnosis has been truly helpful . The changes I see in myself since starting this journey of self love is incredible. I would highly recommend Katie’s coaching. If, you’re willing to put in the hard, honest work, you’ll come away from this course with a calming peace and a true belief in yourself. Thank you Katie :)


We worked on past rejection and how it was affecting me as an adult. We talked about childhood believes that needed to be shifted and revisited. We talked about personal growth, financial believes, self practices, and ways to change/deal/cope with things that would arise that would limit my belief in myself. My mindset shifted, my daily practices altered and my belief in myself; changed forever! Katie provided me with valuable tools and insight that encouraged my growth and allow me to take charge of those reckless thoughts that can sometimes hold me back. Today I use the hypnosis as a daily meditation, to sit, be still, listen to my hearts desires and be held by the calming space that Katie provides. I am forever blessed our paths crossed and so grateful for the teachings you have given me! I am forever thankful for your humble helping and your endless desire to see this in everyone you meet! Thank you for all that you do and thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts with others!


Working with Katie has been an amazing experience. I have completed her 6 Week Program (best thing I've ever done), had a few individual EFT sessions, and I've been to all of her workshops (so far). She is very professional, knowledgeable, and amazing at what she does. I always leave feeling so great, refreshed and happy, looking forward to applying what I've learned, and wanting to go back to learn/work on even more. I would highly recommend Katie to anyone! Anyone who feels stuck in life, feeling down or depressed, anyone dealing with stress and anxiety, anyone wanting to improve/work on themselves, anyone wanting to change their mindset on life. Katie has helped me tremendously this past year! I have grown so much working with her! She is an amazing Coach as well as a beautiful person inside and out.


Working together was a fork in the road for me. It was SO eye opening and I learned more about myself in those 3 months than I did in the 29 years before it. I was sharing about it with my mastermind girls and one thing that I mentioned was that I have a strong feeling this will be something I ALWAYS relate to as a massive shift in my business. I keep returning to the work we did together, it changed EVERYTHING for me. I am so grateful for the experience and would do it again in a heartbeat!


I was eager to work with Katie after attending one of her evening workshops. I am so glad that I made the investment in my personal growth. Katie listened and kept me on course. In our final meeting, she actually came back to something I had mentioned in our first meeting and helped me to resolve a deep through hypnotic regression. Her techniques are varied and she personalized each of our sessions to provide me with the most tools, including those I can now use in my own. I should add, all of our sessions took place over Zoom. It was so convenient for a working mom. I was able to meet with Katie right from the comfort of home. I am confident in recommending Katie’s services.

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