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Enhance Your Creativity


Three Part Hypno-Series



Is your creativity hitting a wall? Are you in a creative rut, feeling uninspired and blocked? This Series is about expanding your creativity, helping you feel inspired, opening yourself up to new ideas, new thoughts, and new perspectives. This Hypno-Series will get you back in touch with your creative genious. 

A breakdown of each Hypnosis in the Series:

  • Part 1: Free up your stagnent energy and get into flow

  • Part 2: Reconnect with the energy of Creativity

  • Part 3: Create an open mind for new thoughts and ideas

How it works:

You will get access to all three hypnosis recordings immediately after purchase. The series is meant to be listened to daily for six consecutive weeks. You can choose to listen to each hypnosis for one week, or alternate between them daily for three weeks, the choice is yours.

Each hypnosis in the series is less than 15 minutes in length so that you can easily work it into your daily routines. 

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