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 you are wildly capable

You are a limitless being. You can have, be and do absolutely anything you want.

Learn how to harness the unlimited power of your mind and live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

 i'm katie,

As a Mindset Coach, my personal mission is to guide women through a journey of inner healing and emotional transformation that creates massive, positive change.


Through a combination of subconscious belief work, hypnosis, and emotional release techniques, we can create new neurological pathways in the mind that result in rapid and effective changes in your life. 


If you're ready to up level your happiness, let's chat.

 How can I help you?

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Discover how you can harness the power of your mind to be, have and do anything you dream of.

mindset workshops

KatieSunset - DawsonCreekPhotographer -

For those ready to go all in, creating massive shifts and discovering their unlimited potential.


1:1 coaching

KatieSunset - DawsonCreekPhotographer -

Master the four biggest mindset challenges and propel yourself toward your ultimate life vision.

group program


Change is hard. Working on yourself is hard. It is scary. It is work. But it is also amazing. I chose to be curious. I chose to see how I could improve myself. Was it hard? Yes. Was it worth it? YES! I loved working with Katie. It is incredible how comfortable she makes you feel. It is amazing how she listens to you. And I mean actually listens to what you are saying and genuinely wants to help you help yourself. 

If you put in the work, if you choose to be honest, and if you choose to be open to how you can change your life for the better, I would highly recommend Katie and her mindset coaching. -Amy

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