katie potratz

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 you are wildly capable

You are a limitless being. You can have, be and do absolutely anything you want.

It's time to harness your power, heal your wounds and start living your most inspired life.

 i'm katie,

As a Hypnotherapist and Energy Practitoner, I take a holistic approach to healing and personal growth by addressing the inner wounds on a conscious, subconscious, emotional and energetic level.

Through this combination of mental – emotional – energetic healing, we are able to dissolve limiting beliefs and release suppressed emotions that are keeping you stuck in unhealthy, destructive patterns. Together, we can create new neurological pathways in your mind that result in rapid, positive changes.

If you’re ready to level up, let’s chat.  


 How can I help you?


holistic healing program

Ready to shift out of anxiety, low self-esteem and self-sabotage? Let's work together to shift these limitations on a subconscious level 

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chronic healing program

Let's work together to uncover the root-cause of your chronic condition, and allow your body to begin to heal itself




You have always been your own healer, you just needed the know-how, and that's exactly what you'll get in this 3 month group program

Ready to go inward and uncover your limiting beliefs, shadow, and unhealed wounds? Take the 28 Day Program to kickstart your growth.

28 Days of Expansion

Here's what my clients are saying...


Working with Katie has been a gamechanger. I had hit a wall in my professional and personal life. Before working with Katie, I had worked with a psychologist, life coach, and a mindset coach but found that none of the approaches had worked. Since working with Katie, I’ve seen results – I’m out of my rut, I’m calmer, able to set boundaries, prioritizing self-care, and have reduced my limiting self-beliefs. Katie goes above and beyond to get to her clients and crafts her sessions around you. Your experience with Katie’s coaching/courses will be life changing IF you put the work in.


When I started working with Katie I had no idea what a profound impact it would have on my ability to confidently market myself and my business on social media! This was not one of my intentional goals at the beginning, but over time it became one of my greatest evolutions. Before the program I was terrified to put myself out there on social media. I knew I had a gift to share with people, but could not get past this paralyzing fear. Posting a picture or a video of myself speaking would give me extreme anxiety. After starting to do the internal work it was like a switch flipped! Suddenly I was confidently posting videos and sharing my thoughts freely with no fear! Now I am able to share my passion and service with people and build an impactful online presence for my business!


Working together was a fork in the road for me. It was SO eye opening and I learned more about myself in those 3 months than I did in the 29 years before it. I was sharing about it with my mastermind girls and one thing that I mentioned was that I have a strong feeling this will be something I ALWAYS relate to as a massive shift in my business. I keep returning to the work we did together, it changed EVERYTHING for me. I am so grateful for the experience and would do it again in a heartbeat!


If you are ACTUALLY ready for CHANGE, and you follow what Katie tells you to do, you will change how your mind works and even how your actual life flows. What Katie offers is truly amazing and I have completely shifted my life and mind into the direction I have wanted since before my first daughter was born. She truly thrusted me into transformation. Everything you learn is an ongoing process, so don't expect some sort of magic pill and your life to be changed. But I tell you, if you follow her program with full commitment, your life will truly be better. She helps you get out of your own way so that you can gain what you truly want. I highly recommend Katie to all who are interested in hypnosis or interested in changing your life. There was never a session I wasn't excited for! Best thing I've done for myself in almost 3 years! And to all my men out there that need help, THIS ISN'T JUST FOR WOMEN! CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND CONTACT KATIE!


We worked on past rejection and how it was affecting me as an adult. We talked about childhood believes that needed to be shifted and revisited. We talked about personal growth, financial believes, self practices, and ways to change/deal/cope with things that would arise that would limit my belief in myself. My mindset shifted, my daily practices altered and my belief in myself; changed forever! Katie provided me with valuable tools and insight that encouraged my growth and allow me to take charge of those reckless thoughts that can sometimes hold me back. Today I use the hypnosis as a daily meditation, to sit, be still, listen to my hearts desires and be held by the calming space that Katie provides. I am forever blessed our paths crossed and so grateful for the teachings you have given me! I am forever thankful for your humble helping and your endless desire to see this in everyone you meet! Thank you for all that you do and thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts with others!