One-on-One Intensive 

 The eight week program that reconditions your subconscious and puts you back in control of your life. 

I've been where you're at,

You’ve got a vision for your life. You know what you want, you want freedom, you want success, you want love and abundance.

But it feels like there’s something holding you back from getting it.

Something that’s kind of hard to put your finger on.

That’s because it’s not physical, it’s not something “out there”, it’s something “in here”, in your mind.

I call it ‘inner resistance’ and what really comes down to is a story.


A story that you tell yourself that leads you to believe some part of executing your ideal life is not possible.

Its thoughts like;

What I want isn’t realistic.

It’s too scary/risky/hard.

I’ll never make it.

I’m not good enough/ smart enough/ special enough/ dedicated enough.

Competition is too fierce.

It’s just not who I am.

I’m too old/ too young/ too far gone.

It’s too hard to change. It’s not possible to change. I’m not capable of change.

But the only thing that's actually stopping you, is YOU.

It’s what you believe about yourself, about your potential.

Do you believe you can’t? Well, then you cant. It’s truly that simple.

But here’s the thing.

You can.

And once you believe you can, then the world is your oyster, babe.


You've been conditioned to believe in limits.

Let's recondition you to believe in yourself.

Our fears and insecurities are REAL. And by that, I mean they REALLY  have control over our behaviours and actions.

But they’re not actually real. They’re not here. They’re in your mind.

And the thing about your mind is that it can be shifted. It can be changed to believe something else, something empowering instead of something limiting and scary.

You can do this easily by going deeper into your subconscious and rewriting those stories.

Your mind is the most powerful tool in the universe.


Your entire reality can shift when you make changes to your subconscious mind.

Your entire reality can shift when you make changes to you subconscious mind.

Over the next eight weeks we will:


How the program works

In this one-on-one program you will be working directly with me to in our weekly sessions. No videos, no cookie-cutter program, no group calls. Just you and me, focused 100% on your results.

The Eight Week Intensive Program Includes:

I am with you every step of the way, you have access to me via my personal email and cell for any questions or help along the way.

And the program is curated specifically for your needs, no one-size-fits-all BS.

This program is for you if,

  • You just KNOW you deserve more happiness and fulfillment out of life

  • You are not seeing the success or results that you want to in any area of your life

  • You want to up-level your business or career but feel like you’re hitting a wall

  • You’re afraid to take the next step that you know you should take in your life or career

  • You want to bust out of your unfulfilling rut and experience the amazing life that you deserve

  • You are ready to take the plunge and see real results!

Are ready to finally see progress and real results?

 Are you ready? 

Let's get started.

I want to make sure that this program is exactly what you need, so before you sign up, let’s have a quick chat about your goals and your challenges, and let me answer any questions you may have about the program.

I call this my Clarity Session, it's free, and it’s the first step.

Click the link below and pick a date and time that is convenient for you and let’s get the ball rolling.

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