Chronic Healing Program  

   The three month program that helps you heal yourself

 by resolving the root-cause and releasing

the energy blockages

You've been told it's Chronic

"There's nothing we can do..."

"We don't know what caused it..."

"It's permanent..."

And in those moments you felt something being taken from you.


It was your power, and I bet it felt like a punch in the gut.


Western medicine tells you that your condition is chronic and there's nothing that can be done, just load up on medication for the pain and symptoms.

You're led to believe that being 'chronically unwell" is normal, but it's not.

Your body was designed to heal itself, so why not now?



Let's heal the underlying cause, so that the symptoms resolve themselves

Western Medicine has given us the ability to see inside our bodies and to understand what is going wrong when we become ill. This is so valuable. 

However, there is a significant difference between Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine. Western Medicine focuses on treating the symptoms and managing pain, while Eastern Medicine looks at the person as a whole, and treats the person, not the symptoms. 

I admire the philosophy behind Eastern Medicine and I take a holistic approach with the women I serve as well. In this program, we do not focus on the symptoms alone, our goal is to discover the deep rooted cause of the illness and stimulate your body's natural healing ability by releasing the blockages in your energy field.   

We set out to answer the looming question: why am I sick?


When we can heal the cause of the condition, and allow your energy to flow freely through your energy field again, the pain and symptoms are alleviated automatically.

Because healing itself is your body's natural state.

My goal is to empower you in your healing process by showing you that YOU are your own healer. You already have everything your body needs to come back into balance, you just need to access it.


We work on the subconscious level and the energetic level for a holistic approach

Your mind, body, thoughts and emotions are all energy.

What happens in your mind, effects your energy, which manifests in your body. 

Your mind and body are deeply intertwined. 

When you feel and emotion, every cell in your body feels that emotion, too. 

So if you are living in a constant state of stress, guilt, anger, or emotional suppression, your energy field is responding accordingly and if left unchecked, it can effect your physical body.

Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of the mind-body connection and has been studied by scientists for over 40 years. This field of science proves that your emotional health effects your physical health in a major way.

Through the use of Hypnotherapy we can get to the "root-cause" (a.k.a. the reason for being) of your chronic condition. Once we understand the mental and emotional connection, we can release and reprogram any barrier that is causing and contributing to your condition on a subconscious level.

Then, by working with your body's energy field, we can shift your energy and release energy build-ups and blockages that are causing imbalances and pain in your physical body, allowing your energy to flow freely.


Free flowing energy means a body in-balance.


Here's what we'll do:


The goal of this program is simple: to discover and resolve the deep subconscious connections that are interfering with your body's natural state of healing, and release the blockages in your energy body. 


We do this by using Hypnotherapy to access the deepest parts of your Subconscious Mind where the emotional connections and beliefs are stored, then working with your body's energy to free up the energy blockages.

This allows you to understand your condition on a deeper level, and puts you in the drivers seat in your healing process.

The steps in the Chronic Healing Program are as follows:

This program takes a truly unique approach to healing by addressing your emotional health and using it as a catalyst for healing.

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This 3 Month Program includes...

I am with you every step of the way. You have access to me via my personal email throughout the program. Ask me questions and lean on me for support, we are a team.

Your Investment






Several Payment Plans Available













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Is this Program right for You?

This Program takes a wildly different approach to Illness than a typical doctor visit would, and therefore, may not be for everyone.

This program may be right for you if:

  • You are ready to explore the mental and emotional connection to your Illness

  • You would like an approach that complements you're current medical treatments

  • You are willing to commit to a daily healing practice of at least 20 minutes

  • You have been diagnosed with a Chronic Illness such as MS, Lupus, Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, IBS, etc.

  • You are struggling with a physical ailment, such as chronic back pain, muscle pain, migraines, etc. and have been unsuccessful with traditional medical treatment.

**This program does not replace your current medical care**

I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a Medical Specialty.


I am NOT a Doctor, Physiotherapist, Dietician or Medical Professional. This program is NOT meant to replace any medical treatments you currently receive. Consult your doctor before making any changes to your current medical care. I cannot diagnose any conditions, nor can I make recommendations regarding your medication, diet, or current treatments.

I will work with you on a mental, emotional and energetic level. Those are the parameters of this program.

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 Are you ready?

Does this feel right?

Sometimes the most obvious answer is the right one. 

Do you believe your body is meant to be chronically unwell?

Me either.

Let's do something revolutionary; let's let your body heal itself.


Still have Questions?

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