Side Hustle Quiz: Is a Side Hustle Right for You?

Side Hustle is the new buzz word these days, and it’s all the rage, but what does it mean for you? What is a Side Hustle, exactly, and does everyone need one?

It’s a valid question seeing as every second self-help book on the shelf is recommending it.

I’ve come up with some good yes/no questions to help you discover if this crazy world of hustling is really meant for you or not.

Read through the following questions and keep a tally of your score.

1. Are you bored at your 9-5?

Does your day job leave you feeling a bit underwhelmed? Maybe you chose this job because you figured it was the “smart move” or to make your parents proud, or to conform with society. Maybe you loved it but now it’s just not scratching that itch that it used to. Be honest with yourself, are you happy at your job?

2. Do you have a passion living dormant inside you?