How to Deal with Negative People that You're Stuck with...

Do you have people in your life that are “toxic”. It’s a pretty harsh word to describe a person, I personally haven’t met someone I would give such a label. I like to think that all people are good, but act a certain way, but those actions are not that person.

I’ve read a lot of self-help books and I’ve noticed a trend: they all seem to say that if you have negative or “toxic” people in your life, you should cut them out.

When I first read this I though yeah, I would love to cut out all the negative people, that would make me so much happier! But then I realized that, for me at least, that just isn’t possible and I would be willing to be that it’s not possible for you either.

It’s because we all know people that we love or that are part of our lives that are negative sometimes (or more often than not) and to be honest, I’m sure we’ve all been that person too at times. If we abandoned someone every time they were negative, we would have to isolate ourselves on some desert island…

If there are people in your life that are exceptionally negative, manipulative or nasty, and you feel like you can just cut the ties with them, then by all mean, please do. But for the rest of the people in your life that you’d prefer to keep in your life, I have a different technique.

But first we need to get familiar with the frequencies. You’ve probably seen or heard people talking about raising your vibes, or “good vibes only”, and what they’re referring to are the frequencies of our thoughts.