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Crystal Basics: How do Crystals Really Work?

As I began my descend into my obsession with crystals, I began to understand more fully how crystals work, and why.

I’ll be honest, a few years ago, crystals -to me- where merely pretty rocks. I didn’t believe in their ‘power’, and thought that it was mainly just hippies and wannabe witches that did. Never in a million years did I think I would be one of those people.

It’s kinda funny how things come full circle like that.

Everyone has their own path, and what lead me to crystals was actually my interest in self-development, paired with my passion for nature and all its glory. Somehow that led me to have a sudden and intense interest in crystals and crystal healing.

But let’s get to the good stuff; you’re here because you have that same nagging curiosity about these ‘pretty rocks’ and the realist in you needs to hear the facts.

I’m with ya there.

30 Second Crystal History Lesson

To keep it brief, the use of crystals dates back to the beginning of human existence. There is evidence that crystals were used by our ancestors up to eight thousand years ago. Crystals have been (and continue to be) used in every region of the world and were universally regarded as sacred in the ancient times.

They have been used as an integral part of religious, medical, protective, and divinatory practices for centuries are still a staple in our modern world.

It’s likely that you’re surrounded by crystals without even realizing it. Watches, jewelry, computers, medical equipment, all contain crystals.

So, by no means is the use of crystals new, or ‘a fad’. They come in and out of trends, but have been connected to humanity since the beginning.

What are Crystals?

First, we need to cover what crystals actually are. Spoiler alert, they’re different than rocks. I’m going to try not to bore you, and just jump right in.

Crystals are rock formations created in four different ways:

1. Primary: these are the oldest type of crystal, and are formed deep under the Earth’s crust from one of two ways, either from liquefied or gaseous minerals cooling causing crystals to form, or from minerals shooting out of a volcano.

2. Secondary: This is when primary materials are eroded and cemented together with other minerals usually underwater to create new crystal forms.

3. Tertiary: This is when crystals are formed deep underground with enormous pressure and/or chemical changes which modify the structure of the minerals. These can be found in mountain ranges from the tectonic plates colliding.

4. Tektites: These are crystals that came from outer space via meteorites. Obviously these are the least common.

If you remember anything about eighth grade geology, you’re probably familiar with these processes because they are exactly how rocks are formed as well.

One of the main differences between rocks and crystals are what they’re made of. Crystals are made from different minerals than rocks and have a more complex internal structure.

What Gives Crystals their ‘Power’?

The internal structure of crystals are constant and unchanging. That means a large piece of Quartz and a small chunk of Quartz, when put under a microscope, will have the exact same molecular build as each other.

Crystals have six different internal structures made up of atoms in specific arrangements. Each arrangement forms a specific energy conduit. Theses energies align with ours, and therefore, we can use the energy from crystals to enhance our lives. Henry Mason, co-author of Crystal Grids explains this best:

“Fortunately for us, these crystal energies align with the basic needs of humans. But then again, why wouldn’t they? We are of this world, this earth. We have adapted to survive and prosper here. We are made of the same energy as this world. We evolve to prosper on this planet. It would be more surprising to discover that we were somehow misaligned with nature’s crystals!”

Ok, now we’re going to dive deeper into high school geology and talk briefly about atoms. Everything in the universe is made of matter, matter is made of atoms, atoms are made up of a combination of particles and subatomic particles called protons, neutrons and electrons.

These particles and subatomic particles are in constant motion, this is referred to as a ‘vibration’. Crystals have their own specific vibrations, and this is what gives them their crystal energy.

Crystals have energy fields that interact with any other energy field near them, including ours. This interaction can actually be photographed using a Kirlian camera.

Depending how the crystal is made, and what kind of internal structures it contains will determine if a crystal has a high vibration or a low vibration. Our bodies react differently to high vibrations and low vibrations. Typically, high vibrations are stimulating while low vibrations are calming.

Many crystals also contain traces of therapeutic minerals that can pass through our skin and cause physiological changes. For example, Kunzite contains lithium which is used in the modern medical field to treat depression and bipolar disorders. By placing Kunzite over the heart, an uplifting feeling can be sensed.

There is a lot more that goes into how crystal’s energy affects us, like the color, shape, and how it’s used. There are hundreds of different crystals all with slightly different vibrations that affect us in different ways.

How are Crystals Used?

Knowing this, crystal workers can place the crystals on different areas of the body (known as chakras) or over specific organs to reap the benefits in different ways. You can also use the crystals in crystal grids to maximize their power, or use them to make crystal water which you can use topically or drink for internal benefits (plus many more ways!).

The sky’s the limit when it comes to using crystals to enhance your life, and I’m so excited to dive in and learn it all!

Hopefully this post has shed some light on what crystals are and how they’re used. I’ve just barely scratched the surface but will definitely be sharing more in detail in coming posts.

For now you can follow my Instagram and stay in the loop!


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