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How to Get Your Momentum Back and Achieve your Goals

We’re nearing the end of February, how are those goals coming? Are you two months closer to reaching your 2018 goals or are you five weeks into forgetting they even exist?

Remember all that motivation and ambition you had at the beginning of January!?

Remember how intense your desire burned when you set your goals for this year??

Are you still a fiery ball of motivation or have you fizzled out this early in the game?

Have you worked towards your goals every week since the beginning of January so that by the time December rolls around you can proudly say that you’ve achieved them? Or have you lost hope and began to accept that your life won’t change no matter how badly you want it to.

Snap out of it!

I have a theory that if you’ve clicked on this post, chances are you’re not totally crushing your goals and might be desperately looking for motivation and to get re-inspired.

And I’ve got some harsh reality coming your way, so brace yourself.

If you’re constantly relying on some outside source for your inspiration and motivation, you’ve shot yourself in the foot before the race even began.

This is a perfect example of you standing in your own way.

The secret to totally crushing your goals and keeping that fire burning red-hot is YOU.

YOU need to keep yourself motivated and inspired. YOU need to kick yourself in the pants when you see you’re slowing down. YOU need to find it in yourself to BE YOUR OWN MOTIVATION.

That’s the secret to changing your reality and achieving your wildest dreams.

If you’re relying on some outside form of motivation, you’re screwed.

Take another look at your goals

Look at your goals. How do you feel?



Ready to kick some serious ass??

Well, there you have it: Motivation.

If you’re goals aren’t enough motivation to get your butt moving then they aren’t that important to you. You need to set goals that make you spring out of bed in the morning. You need to make plans on how you want to live your life that will make you hell-bent on getting there.

Your goals need to be bold enough, scary enough, and crazy enough to keep that fire stoked year round.

Slay Your Goals Planner

Last month, when you wrote out your goals, how much time and thought did you put into them?

A few minutes, maybe an hour?

How well have you thought out your action plan to achieve your goals? Have you mapped out the entire year with goals to be reached each week, month and quarter to make 100% certain that you WILL achieve your goals?

My friend, this is where you’ve stumbled.

If you want to get excited about achieving your goals, and you want to get ready to map out exactly how you’re going to do it, I’ve found the PERFECT planner to get you there.

The Slay Your Goals Planner was created by someone who is dedicated to helping others reach their goals and live out their dreams. Her name is Nadalie Bardo, the founder of and she is committed to seeing your goals come to fruition.

Nadalie graciously sent me her Slay Your Goals Planner to share with you and I’m so glad she did!

This planner is jam-packed full of amazing worksheets that will help you get crystal clear on exactly what you want to manifest this year.

She’ll take you from the starting line to the finish line and guide you through each step of the way.

What I really love about this Planner is how thorough it is on each day of the year. You set your #1 Goal, then break that down into Quarterly Goals, then break that down into Monthly Goals, then break that down into Weekly Goals which are super bite-sized and a total breeze to accomplish!

Set your Intention

At the beginning of the planner, Nadalie helps you discover your Intention by working through several exercises so you can be crystal clear on the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of your goals.

I really love that she puts an emphasis on your Intention in the Planner. When you’re clear on your intention, then it helps you navigate the year while staying on track.

We all know things change, we may decide in January that we want to accomplish “X” but by March we discover, we actually want to accomplish “Y” which might later turn into “Z”. But setting your intention is key in remembering what it’s all for.

If “X” no longer serves your Intention, and “Y” will help you get there more effectively, then it helps you eliminate distraction that don’t contribute to your end goal. It’s genius, really.

Once you work through all the exercises and worksheets to uncover what your true intention and #1 goal is, then she dedicates the second half of the planner to setting all your mini goals that you need to accomplish on your way to the top.

If you use this Planner as it is intended, you’ll be on the fast-track to achieving your goals, and you’ll have all the motivation you need when you totally crush your weekly, monthly and quarterly goals!

Nadalie’s Slay Your Goals Planner helped me get crystal clear on my #1 Goal, and realize how simple achieving it really is by breaking it down week by week.

If you need to ignite that fire, I would definitely recommend checking out this Planner!

A huge thank-you to Nadalie from for giving me the opportunity to use her Slay Your Goals Planner to map out my year and get clear on my goals!

If you purchase Nadalie’s planner from the links provided in this post, I will receive a small commission. Thanks in advance!

How do you plan to stay motivated all year? Are you crystal clear on your Intention for 2018?


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