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Balance Your Chakras with Flower Essence Blends + DISCOUNT!

Imagine healing your body and mind and becoming more centered and connected to yourself and your spirituality with the help of holistic medicine and emotional healing.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it!

That’s exactly what Mindful Mosaic’s goal is for you.

Mindful Mosaic creates beautiful flower essences and essential oil blends that are made specifically to balance the seven Chakras.

If you’re not familiar with the seven Chakras, they are seven points vertically along the body that influence various physical and spiritual aspects of your life.

If a Chakra is out of balance or blocked, it may manifest itself in physical form, with pain, illness or disease. It can also manifest emotionally and spiritually causing blockages in our thinking and our higher self.

Each Chakra reflects a different part of the body and spirit. Mindful Mosaic has a fun quiz on their website that you can take to find out if any of your Chakras are out of balance.

If you’re really in tune with your mind and body, you may already know if you have an energy block and at which Chakra, if not, take the quiz!

I have had the pleasure of using two of the Mindful Mosaic Flower Essence blends and had an amazing experience!

Third Eye Flower Essence

My first experience with the Flower Essences was with the Intuitive Flower Essence for the Third Eye Chakra. When I took the Chakra Quiz, it determined that my Third Eye Chakra may be out of balance. It describes some of the symptoms and they were bang on!

I was feeling very “foggy”. I felt like I couldn’t think straight, or that I couldn’t concentrate on a problem long enough to come to a solution, and that when I thought about certain aspects of my life, my thoughts seemed very cluttered and hard to navigate.

I was at a bit of a turning point in my life, I was trying to make big decisions about my future and it was making it so difficult that I couldn’t think straight!

I remember just before I started using the Flower Essence, I was visiting with a close friend and I told her that I just felt like my head was in a fog, like I just couldn’t get my thoughts in line.

Then I started taking the Flower Essence several times a day, as directed.

Within two days I woke up and felt like the fog had lifted!

It was such a noticeable difference that I was just blown away. Suddenly I could see what path I should take, I could clearly think through the issues that were holding me back and all my problems seemed so clear and easy to solve.

It really helped me make a big decision in my life.

Another really amazing part of this experience was just a few days after taking the Flower Essence, I took the Chakra Quiz again and it showed my Third Eye Chakra to be one of the most aligned of all seven Chakras.

This Flower Essence really works!

Throat Chakra Flower Essence and Essential Oil Blend

A few weeks after trying the Intuitive Flower Essence, I took the Chakra Quiz again and it determined that there was a blockage in my Throat Chakra.

After doing a bit of research, I discovered that the Throat Chakra is one of the three Spiritual Chakras (along with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras) and is responsible for your communication.

A blocked Throat Chakra can manifest physically by having a sore throat, neck pain, headaches, and teeth pain.

I have noticed lately that I’ve been clenching my jaw a lot, and not when I feel tense or concentrating, but when I am trying to relax and unwind. This isn’t something I’ve ever notice I do before.

I’ve also been struggling with headaches a lot more often than I usually do. I’ve been getting two to three a week vs. getting one or two every few months.

The emotional and spiritual signs of a blocked Throat Chakra are having trouble speaking your truth. Or in other words, you struggle with communicating your truest self for fear of judgement or not being able to find the words to properly convey your message.

You may be longing to achieving your dreams but just can’t seem to achieve them, or you may feel blocked by the people around you.

This rings very true to me at this moment in my life. I feel like I have found my purpose but am having trouble jumping in with both feet for fear of being judged or misunderstood for lack of clarity on my behalf.

Being a blogger, a lot of what I do is communication and it’s hard when you have a message you want to convey but feel like you can’t seem do it in a way that will resonate with others.

After a few days of taking the Expressive Flower Essence and applying the Essential Oil Blend to my neck area I have noticed two things:

My jaw is so much more relaxed. I can go an entire day without feeling tenstion in my jaw or unknowingly clenching my teeth. And no more headaches!

The second thing is that I feel like I can express my thoughts easier. This is still something I struggle with every now and then, but I feel more at ease with how I am conveying my message across my social networks. I have noticed a bit less anxiety about sharing my true self and allowing people to see my vulnerable side.

So I would say this blend has worked well for me too!

You’ll notice the Essential Oil Blend even has a piece of crystal in it! This helps infuse the blend with the healing power of the crystal, enhancing the effects.

These Flower Essences have helped me get through difficult situations over the past few months. To me, the results couldn’t be more obvious.

It’s like medicine for the mind!


The beautiful souls at Mindful Mosaic wanted to offer my readers a discount to try these wonderful products. I couldn’t be happier!

Use code SUNKISSEDKATE at checkout and receive 20% off your purchase!

I want to give a huge thank you to Mindful Mosaic for sending these blends! They are beautiful and very impactful!

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