Balance Your Chakras with Flower Essence Blends + DISCOUNT!

Updated: May 14, 2018

Imagine healing your body and mind and becoming more centered and connected to yourself and your spirituality with the help of holistic medicine and emotional healing.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it!

That’s exactly what Mindful Mosaic’s goal is for you.

Mindful Mosaic creates beautiful flower essences and essential oil blends that are made specifically to balance the seven Chakras.

If you’re not familiar with the seven Chakras, they are seven points vertically along the body that influence various physical and spiritual aspects of your life.

If a Chakra is out of balance or blocked, it may manifest itself in physical form, with pain, illness or disease. It can also manifest emotionally and spiritually causing blockages in our thinking and our higher self.

Each Chakra reflects a different part of the body and spirit. Mindful Mosaic has a fun quiz on their website that you can take to find out if any of your Chakras are out of balance.

If you’re really in tune with your mind and body, you may already know if you have an energy block and at which Chakra, if not,