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 Past Life Regression 

journey to past lives

Past Life Regression is a hypnotic technique where you will be guided into a deep, meditative state where you will be able to access information and memories from lives previously lived.


The memories of your past lives are stored deep in your subconscious mind. They've always been there but they can only be accessed when you quiet the conscious mind and open communications, which we do in Hypnosis and when meditating. 

The practice of accessing past lives is not new, and can be dated back centuries through religions such as Christianity and Buddhism. More recently it has piqued the interest of scientists and psychologists where research has been conducted on past lives.

There are many, many cases of young children recalling memories from past lives, including the well know case of James Leininger, who at age two began having intense nightmares of a plane crash. He was able to give incredible detail which helped to prove that what he was describing was the fatal plane crash of James Huston who's plane was shot down in World War II, an incredible 55 years before James Leininger was born.

In many cases, past life memories are recalled around age 3 and typically forgotten around age 6. Is it possible that we simply forget who we used to be?

Past life regression

1hr Virtual Session


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